NEW! Live Blog - "Cut to the Point"

Do you ever get an idea and think, "Naw, that won't work," or "I won't know if I don't try"?

That was me last week when "Cut to the Point" was born!

I get so many ideas regularly. I know it drives Roy crazy, but he loves me so he humors me and we talk it out. Once we talk it out, I usually decide it's a bad idea, but when I approached him about the possibility of a Live Blog, he was all for it!

We sat and talked about the possibilities of what this Live Blog could look like, what I wanted to do, what I wanted it to mean, blah, blah, blah. Next thing I knew, Roy said to call it "Cut to the Point". 

PURE GENIUSNESS!!!!! I love my little engi-nerd!

Fast forward to last week....

Papa was here and so I thought I might as well have him on. I had no agenda. I knew I was going to talk about how I got started with my business and crafting. I also knew I was going to show you all what my first wreath looked like. 

What happened next was better than I could've hoped for had I actually planned it out. I'm a planner. Not knowing what's going to happen bothers me, then again there's a bit of excitement to not having a plan and seeing what happens. Lol

Papa and I sat and talked and talked. It was natural, it flowed, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

The conversation was real...RAW...and honest! I'll never be anything but that!

 What a way to start a new endeavor! 


Got any questions or suggestions of what you'd like to see on future episodes? Email me at: or comment on this blog/social media.